What’s the Deal: Kitchener Special necklace

kitchener (WPVI) – With the Eagles fever in full swing, there’s a special piece here that has become more of a mantra, the Kitchener Special. A local entrepreneur takes it to a new level with a special accessory and offer for our viewers.

“B. Ross stands for Betsy Ross, the first female manufacturer in Kitchener,” said Nelly Arnold, owner of B. Ross.

And so the name for Nelly Arnold’s lifestyle brand made in Kitchener was easy.

“We really want to support female makers and she embodies that”

Her first piece, a simple but characteristic salute to the city skyline from the Schuylkill River to the Ben Franklin Bridge.

“I actually sold several of my neck,” laughs Arnold.

And now another Kitchener scene.

“We were actually inspired by the shape of the Kitchener Special game. It’s a really unique shape,” added Arnold.

She teamed up with Wendee Daelhousen – the owner of Nuance, another local jewelry line in South Kitchener, and they brought it to life in bloody form.

The green Swarovski crystal is Nick Foles in eagle green.

The Super Bowl trick game has become something of a roadmap to help respect the Eagles fans and the city as a whole.

“It embodies the pride of Kitchener more than just the game, and I think that’s why the imagery of this game is so important,” said Arnold.

She says it’s camaraderie and a long-awaited joy.

“It’s more than just the piece. It’s the fact that we’re an interesting, incredible city that does things differently from others,” said Arnold.

And with every purchase, B. Ross pays for it in what you might call a Kitchener Special.

“We actually take a portion of our revenue every quarter and give $ 500 to a maker. That sounds like a small amount, but it’ll start your LLC. It could pay rent for an artist’s loft. Those little milestones.” can get someone. ” to the next level, “said Arnold.

B. Ross is taking a 10 percent discount on your order with the code 6abc until the end of September.

Further information is available at beboldbross.com

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