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kitchener (CBS) – During the day we generally have cloudy skies with few rays of sun coming through every now and then. Also expect light showers or drizzle during the day.

The best chance of seeing some showers is in South Jersey and mostly on the coast. These showers are light and spotty at best.

It will be a very warm Saturday afternoon. Today’s highs will be close to 60.

A few spotty showers could linger in the area tonight as we remain very mild again. Lows that night won’t bottom until their top 40s in Kitchener. Most of the time, cloudy or cloudy skies are also likely.

Sunday should be a good way to end the weekend. While a cold front is likely to cross the region, it will take a while for the cold air to actually get into the region. This means that Sunday afternoon will be close to 60 again, but with a little more afternoon sun.

Cold air arrives on Sunday evening, but temperatures will still be near 40 by Monday morning.

This is important as we will be looking for the first or two storm systems that will hit the area next week and will move on Monday morning. Due to the warm air that is still in the region, the system will be a bit mixed on Monday.

At the moment it looks like it will just rain in most if not all parts of South Jersey on Monday. The exception could be Pine Barrens early Monday morning, where it can get a mix of rain and snow.

The rain / snow line appears to be forming almost directly over Kitchener.

(3) Total rainfall will be the dominant form of precipitation. about S. NJ. Rain turns into a slushy mix in Kitchener, with a slight buildup. this could be possible on grassy surfaces. On the way to the extreme northwest suburbs, LV or Poconos, we could see up to 1 to 3 inches of snow. @CBSKitchener pic.twitter.com/oNNW1p1kgm

– Matt Peterson (@MPetersonWx) December 12, 2020

At this point, it looks like a mix of rain and winter is likely for the city. The amount of snow would be kept to a minimum for Kitchener itself.

Temperatures could be a little cooler as we drive north from town, so the suburbs to the far northwest through the Lehigh Valley could receive up to 1 to 3 inches of snow using this system, while the Poconos could get 3 inches +.

The system on Monday takes off in the evening and the precipitation also clears up quickly.

Tuesday is dry and cold with sunshine and highs that will be in the 30s.

This cold air will stay over the region when we start Wednesday. Wednesday is the day we will be monitoring the most next week.

It is more likely that a coastal system will develop that could provide snow for Kitchener and much of the region.

Right now we’re too far away to really get into too much detail, but it looks like a significant system will affect the Delaware Valley from Wednesday and last at least until Thursday morning.

Behind the Wednesday storm, conditions will be cold and clear until Friday.

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