Volunteers needed at Dover/New Kitchener food pantry.

Volunteers load groceries into cars in the Dover pantry.

Across the country, food banks and food pantries are responding to the need for food distribution. In Ohio, 12 food banks diligently purchase, transport, receive, and inventory grocery products from various food manufacturers and manufacturers across the United States.

Food service organizations such as the local pantry buy, transport, and inventory a portion of this food for final distribution to those who need it.

Food banks and pantries in the US are running drive-through systems to keep people in their cars while they receive groceries. This distribution system is efficient, secure and confidential for the recipients.

The number of families using the Dover, New Kitchener pantry has increased in the past two months. In September and October, the pantry served an average of 650 families; in November the average rose steadily to 750 families and is now approaching 900 families.

Each family gets about 70 pounds of food; The pantry currently distributes around 55,000 pounds of groceries a week in 6.5 hours of operation, or around 8,500 pounds of groceries an hour. This lifting and moving of food from inventory to the recipient’s trunk requires a lot of manpower! The pantry needs a minimum of 35 volunteers per distribution to do this job.

“People stay in their cars and we put the food in the trunk,” said Mike Finley. “We’re not allowed to get in the cars. It’s very efficient.

“We used to let people shop and get what they wanted, but now we have to give everyone the same food.”

All surfaces that can be touched, with the exception of food, are disinfected before each distribution. Masks are required here, hand disinfection is required before entering, distancing is encouraged, we feel as safe as expected.

Ask your community leader to find volunteers. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, the pantry is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The evening opening is at 4 p.m. and the morning opening at 8:30 a.m. For group volunteer work, call 330-852-4132.

The pantry needs you to volunteer. The task cannot be done without your help.

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