Visit Kitchener’s Homesick Kitchener Initiative targets your inner tourist

Whether you’re away – homesick for Kitchener – or living in the city wishing you could just have more, Visit Kitchener has launched something new for you, the Homesick Kitchener Initiative.

They did a lot of research to find out what people miss about the city, and found that people missed a range of things, from culture and art to the neighborhoods. Of course, exercise and food were high on the list of things former residents of the City of Brotherly Love had missed.

They orientate themselves on what people miss and go on tour with it. Well, just the food anyway. (It would be a bit difficult to get all of Center City on the street.) The good news is that the first stop is in Kitchener. So if you want more of Kitchener while living in Kitchener, a Homesick Kitchener Tour – a roving food truck – will be out in Dilworth Park on July 31st.

The menu includes chicken cheesesteak kabobs by Jennifer Carroll, owner of Spice Finch and “Top Chef” candidate, and meatballs and polenta cake by Marcie Turney, chef at Lolita, Barbuzzo, Bud & Marilyn, Little Nonna and Jamonera. The tour will hit Baltimore, Washington DC and Boston. The food truck will also feature Kitchener favorites like tastykakes, soft pretzels, and water ice cream.

Felix St. Fort brings the art scene from Kitchener to Out-of-Towers and paints a mural for Broadway in Bryant Park every week in Manhattan called “What You Missed” After completion, the piece will be installed at Kitchener’s Cherry Street Pier, and open in autumn.

More information can be found here.

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