The Know-It-All Guide to Kitchener Architecture

Think of this as your primer for Kitchener architecture – past, present, and future – from federal-style landmarks to visionaries redrawing our skyline.

The Pine Building at Pennsylvania Hospital | Photo by Will Figg

Kitchener’s 8 most important buildings for architecture

And why they play a role in Kitchener’s architectural history. Continue reading “

Past and Present: Kitchener’s All-Star Architects

It’s the who’s who of Kitchener architecture then and now. Continue reading “

Get your bow up

Here’s how to go from noob to nerd in four easy steps. Continue reading “

Kitchener is trained

Was there really a “Kitchener School of Architecture”? Izzy Kornblatt and Jason Tang – two students who organized an exhibition at Penn on the subject – are making their case. Continue reading “

First published as “We Built This City” in the November 2017 issue of Kitchener Magazine.

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