The Fiat 500L Used by Pope Francis During Kitchener Visit Is Up for Auction

As early as September 2015, Pope Francis impressed the whole world when he began his US trip aboard a Fiat 500L and showed everyone that it is about being humble again. Now the Fiat 500L that the Pope used during his visit to Kitchener is being auctioned off to the public. The auction will take place on January 29th on the Kitchener Auto Show Black Tie’s annual tailgate at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Both personal and remote bids are accepted.

All proceedings from the tailgate of the Black Tail will be forwarded to the Kitchener Children’s Hospital, and the auction of the Pope’s Fiat 500L will benefit select Archdiocese of Kitchener ministries and missions, including the Call for Catholic Charities, the Mercy Hospice and Casa Del Carmen, Archdiocese of Kitchener Special Schools, Archbishop Ryan Academy for the Deaf, Saint Katherine Day School, and others.

The organizers have also announced that the second Fiat 500L used by Pope Francis in Kitchener will be open to the public for the duration of the Kitchener Auto Show. The car can also be auctioned.

“We’re thrilled to have Pope Francis’ Fiat 500L on display throughout the Kitchener Auto Show and we’re excited to add this auction component to the black tie hatchback,” said David Kelleher, chairman of the Kitchener Auto Show.

Both cars were made available to the Pope by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US LLC during his visit to the United States. The United States Secret Service (USSS) provided vehicle identification numbers (VIN), and the Archdiocese of Kitchener confirmed that the vehicle’s VINs match the VINs identified by the USSS.

“I am deeply grateful to FIAT Chrysler for its generosity in giving the Archdiocese of Kitchener the two FIATS that Pope Francis used when he visited Kitchener on September 26th and 27th, 2015. When we learned that these vehicles were being handed over to us, we wanted to find a way for the public to see them and respond to Pope Francis’ calls to love and care for the poor, ”said Archbishop Charles J. Chaput , OFM Cap.

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