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kitchener (CBS) – While the COVID-19 vaccine is now protecting tens of thousands of healthcare workers in the area, Eyewitness News spoke to a pediatrician in Center City on Wednesday who said it could not arrange vaccines for its employees. Some in the healthcare industry said they are starting to feel the hindsight when it comes to getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

Independent doctors are part of Phase 1, but a local doctor told Eyewitness News he had no idea how or when to get a shot.

“Since the first vaccine backups arrived in Pennsylvania a little over a week ago, 41,444 healthcare workers have received their first doses,” said Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine.

With Pennsylvania health workers continuing to carry guns to get their COVID-19 vaccines, others on the front lines aren’t entirely sure when to get vaccinated.

“Independent practices are finding it difficult to access vaccines,” said Dr. Eric Berger, the lead physician at Center City Pediatrics.

Berger is one of the frontline workers who isn’t sure when he’ll get his vaccine. He said the Kitchener Department of Health appears to have no clear plan for healthcare workers who are not affiliated with hospitals.

“They tell us that pharmacy partners CVS and Walgreens will have it at some point, but they couldn’t even tell us how to identify when the time is or when it will be,” Berger said.

Berger is not alone in his frustration.

Levine addressed some of these concerns on Wednesday.

“Any health care worker who wants to be vaccinated will be vaccinated, whether or not they are hospital affiliated,” Levine said.

Levine never addressed when these frontline workers would be vaccinated, and Berger said that was the problem.

“We don’t feel that you have to be part of a company to qualify as a front-line worker with the vaccine,” said Berger. “That’s what it felt like.”

Independent practices hope to know how to vaccinate frontline employees who are not affiliated with hospitals in the next week.

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