PennDOT, City Residents Preparing For First Major Snowfall In Nearly 2 Years – CBS Kitchener

kitchener (CBS) – PennDOT crews pre-treated the roads Tuesday, preparing their snow plows and salt trucks for a storm that could throw up to a foot of snow on the Kitchener area Wednesday through Thursday.

“We expect this to be a pretty intense storm, with snow falling at a rate of 1 to 2 inches per hour and many of our plowing routes taking two, three, four hours depending on the volume of the road and how fast you are driving said Brad Rudolph, PennDOT’s assistant director of communications.

Call all crews working 24/7 to treat and clear the streets Wed and Thu. Be sure! Your hard work is so appreciated! @PennDOTNews #Noreaster ❄️❄️❄️

– Trang Do (@ TrangDoCBS3) December 15, 2020

The department has assigned 80 trucks to the city alone, on which the crews take care of the interstate roads. Once the storm hits Kitchener, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester Counties, PennDOT will have 180 of its own trucks on the ground and around 270 contractor trucks working around the clock.

“Give our boys a lot of distance, they do a really, really tough job out there,” said Rudolph. “Six car lengths would be ideal.”

At Fairmount Hardware, the impending storm kept a steady number of customers outside of their order window.

“They come in spurts and we are prepared for them,” said co-owner David Arici. “It’s the first snow storm, we have a lot of product.”

The fine folks at #FairmountHardware tell me they are FULLY IN STOCK to meet the storm needs! Shovels, scrapers, and pet safe ice melt are big sellers today. It was great to see how many people shop small and local today. @CBSKitchener

– Trang Do (@ TrangDoCBS3) December 15, 2020

People filled themselves with shovels, scrapers, and buckets with pet-safe melted ice.

Some shoppers told Eyewitness News they are looking forward to the first big snowfall in nearly two years.

“The last time I saw some snow was like 2018, significant snow. I’m preparing for it, ”said Brewerytown’s Eric Summers after buying a bucket of melted ice.

“I grew up in New England, so that’s nostalgic for me,” said Jake Jackson of Fishtown. “It was very strange to spend the last winter here without snow.”

Deliveries are no problem for PennDOT either. After two calm winters there is plenty of salt and brine in reserve.

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