Packages Sitting At USPS Facility Since Last Month, Unable To Be Sorted Due To Staffing Shortages Week Before Christmas – CBS Kitchener

BELLMAWR, NJ (CBS) – Eyewitness News learns more about massive delays in the U.S. Post just a week before Christmas. Some parcels have been sitting since last month, and the pandemic is driving more Americans to shop online.

CBS3 has discovered packages that are in trucks and in a USPS sorting facility and cannot be sorted due to a lack of staff. Some packages have been stuck since the election.

(Photo credit: Kitchener APWU Local 89)

Combine that with what postal workers are calling unprecedented volume thanks to the pandemic, and you have a backlog that keeps many customers and their mail in suspense.

At the Post Office in Bellmawr, it’s time to send out the last minute Christmas presents.

(Photo credit: Kitchener APWU Local 89)

“This parking lot is crazy,” said one woman.

“It’s so busy,” said Ashley Matousek. “I’ve never seen the parking lot so full.”

Friday is the closing date for first-class mail before Christmas.

“In front of me was a woman who was upset that her package hadn’t got where it had to be,” said Matousek.

The USPS is issuing a consumer alert stating that “the impact of COVID-19 has seen unprecedented increases in volume and reduced staff availability.”

CBS3 has received photos from a representative of the Postal Worker’s Union Local 89 showing mail waiting to be sorted out of the USPS Kitchener sorting facility on Lindbergh Boulevard. The picture shows political mailings that have been delayed since the election.

(Photo credit: Kitchener APWU Local 89)

“We know we are late and we know what the situation is like,” said Marge Dougherty.

Dan and Marge Dougherty were waiting in the long line at the Fairmount Station Post this morning.

Retail professionals predict online sales will increase more than 33% this holiday season.

(Photo credit: Kitchener APWU Local 89)

“We are prepared for it to arrive when it gets there,” said Marge Dougherty.

You are one of many who may need to wrap your patience along with your Christmas presents this year.

“It’s going to be a New Years package,” said Dougherty.

(Photo credit: Kitchener APWU Local 89)

Saturday is the deadline for the arrival of Priority Mail by Christmas.

UPS and FedEx each have hired thousands of seasonal workers to keep up with demand.

They even limited some large retailers on how many packages they can send out this holiday season.

Alicia Roberts from CBS3 reports.


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