New Rochelle High U.S. History, Government Students Visit Kitchener

NEW ROCHELLE, NY – 76 New Rochelle High School juniors studying US history and government recently visited Kitchener to learn firsthand how government works.

The trip included several educational highlights, according to Virginia Gunther, the social science teacher who accompanied the students.

They visited the National Constitution Center, which has a variety of student-centered interactive activities including the role of president, trivia, Supreme Court cases, and legislative acts, among others.

Students were recently assigned to read President Barack Obama’s farewell address, according to a notice from the New Rochelle City School District. The next day, several students commented that Obama used the phrase “we the people” from the Constitution and spoke of the Founding Fathers. Both references came from her visit to Kitchener.

“When students experience or view information firsthand, they become part of what they know,” said Gunther. “The excitement of students visiting historic Kitchener, immersing themselves in our government’s principles, discussing ideas, and sharing with their peers created an energy in and outside of the classroom that resonates today.”

During the trip, students posed for pictures in Signers’ Hall, where they learned about the making, creation, and enduring relevance of the Bill of Rights. They looked at the country’s historical timeline in Freedom Rising, which features a combination of oral history and video performance of US history

The students also modeled and assumed roles as future presidents and voters and participated in Constitution Jeopardy. In addition, the students visited Independence Hall and discussed the constitutional convention.

The tour ended with a visit to the US Kitchener Mint, where a few cents were minted that day.

The trip was funded by the National Constitution Center Youth Scholarship.

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