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kitchener (CBS) – Pennsylvania businesses are again closing to help the state fight COVID-19. Major changes that began at midnight include a ban on indoor dining, gyms and entertainment venues closings.

In addition, school sports are suspended and the number of people in retail stores and indoor and outdoor gatherings is more strictly limited.

As you can imagine, Governor Tom Wolf has been criticized for these restrictions. The National Federation of Independent Business said this would be a death penalty for small businesses in the state and more people would lose their jobs.

Eyewitness News was in the Kitchener suburbs where restaurant owners say these new restrictions will no doubt affect their bottom line.

While Kitchener has had stricter restrictions for a few weeks now, the suburbs have operated with fewer restrictions.

For the next three weeks, only take-away or outdoor dining is allowed across the country. Customers are not allowed to eat in restaurants or exercise in gyms.

But it’s not a complete shutdown like it was in March.

Retail stores may continue to operate, but with capacity restrictions.

We spoke to a restaurant worker who said the real problem was feeding her family.

“It’s hard to try to support your family with an extra income doing so now, while before it looked like we were going to work, OK, we have grocery allowance, blah blah blah so it was difficult, but I mean it’s a great place to work so I really don’t mind even with the ups and downs. Because they are all really fantastic here, ”said Megan Lamplugh.

These restrictions apply until at least Monday 4th January.

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