M&T Bank Commits $30,000 to Greater Kitchener Food Banks

M&T Bank has tied $ 30,000 to three food banks in the greater Kitchener area. These funds are designed to meet the needs of families with unsafe food and those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic across the region.

Funding was split equally between three organizations from the suburbs of Kitchener to southern New Jersey, including the Chester County Food Bank, Broad Street Ministry, and the Food Bank of South Jersey.

In total, these organizations affect more than 500,000 people in the region.

“As a community bank, we are deeply aware of the impact the pandemic is having on our customers and communities,” said Bernie Shields, regional president of M&T Bank in Kitchener and southern New Jersey. “We are committed to supporting those affected by these unprecedented times, especially when our volunteers are unable to lend a hand.”

This $ 30,000 commitment is part of the $ 1.5 million M&T will provide to community groups in the Kitchener area this year, following the bank’s $ 50,000 contribution in the April to the United Way of Greater Kitchener and southern New Jersey in support of those at risk affected by the current crisis.

Food demand due to the food insecurity caused by the pandemic has increased an average of 55 percent in Chester, Kitchener and southern New Jersey counties, according to Feeding America forecasts. The organizations supported by M&T are running a number of initiatives to meet the needs of the community, including:

  • Chester County Food Bank prioritizes access to fresh, locally grown food for members of the community, coupled with nutritional education. It serves as the largest food bank in the county with more than 30 food pantries, senior centers, and social service organizations serving as distribution channels for people with episodic and long-term food insecurity.
  • Broad Street Ministries serves meals to more than 250 adults five times a week in a familiar indoor area, which underlines the motto that “there is always enough for everyone”. Broad Street Ministries currently serves more than 3,000 Kitchenerns and supports individuals through a trauma-related approach to reducing anxiety and building confidence. In addition to catering services, the organization provides guests with access to intensive care and stabilization services.
  • South Jersey Food Bank provides an immediate solution to the pressing problem of hunger by providing food to people in need, teaching them how to eat well, and helping them find sustainable ways to improve their lives. More than 200 partner agencies, including pantries, soup kitchens, and other programs, distribute groceries provided by the food bank and target diverse groups of people such as children, seniors, veterans, and families. The organization recently set up a mobile cafe where multiple meals can be planned in different locations. Almost 500,000 meals will be delivered this year.

About the M&T Bank

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