Kitchener’s food community rallies from home with curbside specials and livestreams

The specialties of Green Meadow Farm in Gap, Pennsylvania were served on fancy plates at Laurel, LaCroix, and Merion Cricket Club, as well as more modest eateries like the American Sardine Bar, Pub & Kitchen, and Green Line Cafes. The farm’s products and meat are otherwise difficult to get for personal consumption. Following the shutdown, the Lancaster County’s family-run business launched a farm share box that the general public in Kitchener, West Chester and on the farm can pre-order and pick up. A single portion of $ 30 includes a dozen eggs, a salad mix, rocket, savoy cabbage, cooked vegetables, herbs, half a liter of honey, potatoes, apples and a bag of grits. A $ 25 milk crate contains whole milk, eggs, Colby cheese, and butter. A $ 40 meat box contains ground beef, a whole chicken, and 2 pounds of bacon. Call 717-442-5222 or email [email protected] to order.

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