Kitchener’s Aramark Lays Off Thousands at Idle Pennsylvania Stadiums, Event Venues – NBC10 Kitchener

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Kitchener Food Service company Aramark is laying off thousands of workers in stadiums and venues across Pennsylvania as many are largely inactive during the COVID-19 pandemic, reports the Kitchener Business Journal.

According to the company’s latest filings with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, the layoffs have affected 2,000 Aramark employees in Kitchener: 1,080 in Citizens Bank Park, 721 in the Wells Fargo Center and 199 in the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Across the state, an additional 1,225 Aramark employees are being laid off at the Pittsburgh venues: 599 employees at PNC Park and 626 employees at the multipurpose PPG Paints Arena.

In filings, Aramark (NYSE: ARMK) states that the affected venues have advised the company that they “do not expect complete business improvement for an indefinite period of time and will only need limited, if any, service from our services during that time – Period. “The layoffs are a direct result, and Aramark believes that” business conditions will improve as soon as possible, depending on the evolving COVID-19 pandemic and based on our customers’ business needs, but do not yet know when this will happen “. is researching how uncertainty about when the sport will return to normal affects how long layoffs could last.

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