Kitchener school official gives back to the community by delivering food to those in need

The local school official delivers food to those in need

FOX 29’s Bill Anderson has the story.

A Kitchener school official is giving back to the community by delivering food to those in need during this uncertain time.

Sharon Ahram, Assistant Director of the Center of Public Purpose at Penn Charter, aims to help the 400,000 people in the city of Kitchener who live in poverty or below the poverty line. When her school closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, like so many others, she had to figure out how to deal with it. It was busy, but she knew that under no circumstances would she miss at least one of her commitments.


“Even more organizations need our help and people who can either donate money, time or food.” Ahram told FOX 29.

She had to work at SHARE on a Saturday morning to pick up some of the thousands of groceries the organization is providing for people in need and bring it to the vulnerable populations who are advised to stay away from the crowds. To protect others, she puts herself at risk to some degree.

“Nobody should have to lose their life just to go to the grocery store. So bringing groceries to them is important. It is important to make sure everyone is healthy and healthy. I try to live my life by it.” She said.

As Ahram made the deliveries, she tried to maintain a balancing act between maintaining her social distance and wanting to share a moment with people who really appreciate the work she is doing.

“I’m just glad people have food and glad that SHARE can offer it to them, especially during these crazy times,” she explained.

Ahram has decided to continue these supplies as before and also after the pandemic as it is necessary.

“I’m not a hero, this is every day for me, every day for the community I belong to. I am privileged to be able to do this. I have a car, I have a lot of money to be able to support others. Whatever you can do to help and give back is important, “said Ahram.

Remembering those who may not be so lucky is one of the many qualities of a hero. Thank you – for God’s sake.

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