Kitchener Restaurants Reopen for Indoor Dining

Kitchener restaurants are allowed to open their dining rooms today for the first time since March when a nationwide shutdown was ordered to slow the spread of COVID-19. Much like outdoor dining, which has been legal since mid-June, Kitchener has a list of restrictions on indoor dining to minimize the risk.

The most talked about is the 25 percent seating capacity, which limits the number of customers a restaurant can serve at the same time. In addition, only four people can sit at a table, and the tables must either have 6-foot partitions between them or be arranged to allow 6-foot space between guests at different tables. Bar seating is not permitted.

Wearing a mask is mandatory: keep it on when you’re not at a table (it’s a good idea to put it on when a server is also approaching) Servers must wear both masks and face shields. Menus can be disposable paper menus, app-based, or written on a blackboard.

Cuba Libre in the old town AJ Alleyne / Cuba Libre

The following is a non-exhaustive list of Kitchener restaurants open for indoor dining this week. Some jump straight into the regular hours while others start with a few days a week. Reservations are required for some places. Given the rules discouraging lines and crowds, and limited capacity, it makes sense to make a reservation whenever possible.

Restaurants (and restaurants) that strictly adhere to COVID-19 safety guidelines will reduce the risk, but not eliminate it. For the latest information on coronavirus cases in Kitchener, visit the city’s website.


Vernick food & drink

A kitchen

Chris’ Jazz Café

Oyster house


About Locusta

Barclay Prime

Butcher & singer


The dandelion

The king

Harper’s Garden

Steak 48 (opening September 15)

Midtown Village / Gayborhood / East Market / Washington Square West

Bud & Marilyns

Little Nonna



The time


Double knot



Kitchen glazing

Talula’s garden

Bru Craft & Sausage



Reading Terminal Market (Center Court seating is open. No counter seating.)

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

Old town and social hill


Cuba Libre


Red Owl Tavern

Continental (the Rittenhouse location is also open)



Stella pizzeria

City tavern

Vista Peru

The peg

Mei Mei

North Broad

Cicala in the divine Lorraine


Clementine’s stable cafe

The fountain of happiness

South Kitchener


Ralph’s Italian restaurant




University City and West Kitchener

The post

Walnut Street Cafe


Booker’s restaurant and bar

Jane G’s Dim Sum House (the Rittenhouse location is also open)

Fishtown and Northern Liberties


Frankford Hall

Fat pig

Aged Kitchener

Bourbon & Branch

Evil Genius Beer Company

Set NoLibs

Jerry’s Bar

Northwest Kitchener

Live all the way

Campbell’s place

Mimi’s Market & Café

Chestnut Hill Brewing Company

The little one

Valley Green Inn

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