Kitchener Police Increase Presence In Parts Of City Again Following Storming Of US Capitol – CBS Kitchener

kitchener (CBS) – For the second time, the Kitchener police force has increased its presence in parts of the city. Additional officers were seen in groups across Kitchener City Hall on Thursday, and the city services building is also being barricaded on all sides.

The police do not expect a threat but are very careful.

The Kitchener Emergency Operations Center will be activated for a second day to closely monitor the city following Wednesday’s violent unrest that broke through the U.S. Capitol building. Around the national landmarks in Independence Mall, visitors can also see a surge in law enforcement agencies.

“The security presence will increase,” said JJ Klaver, a retired FBI agent.

Parts of #Kitchener are seeing additional cops for a second day @CBSKitchener

– Matt Petrillo (@MattPetrillo) January 7, 2021

Klaver expects more protection in the Liberty Bell, in the convention hall and in other national institutions for at least the next few days.

“The Federal Police and the National Park Service supplement their workforce with private contract security,” said Klaver.

Meanwhile, Bill McSwain, the Trump-appointed US attorney in Kitchener, tweeted Thursday that he had contacted his Washington, DC colleagues and “offered all possible help in solving and prosecuting federal crimes that have been committed.”

“You broke a lot of federal laws,” said Chip Gallagher, chairman of the Sociology and Criminal Justice Department at La Salle University.

Gallagher says rioters could be charged with trespassing, destroying federal property, and other related crimes.

“This is the Capitol. I guarantee you have cameras everywhere, “said Gallagher,” and now they have face recognition information. “

Gallagher also suggested that the rioters’ ego could take them to jail.

“So they are very proud of themselves, they will post on social media and essentially incriminate themselves,” Gallagher said. “It will be confirmatory information to the FBI.”

Washington police have made dozen of arrests, including 12 people from Pennsylvania and one man from Cape May, New Jersey. The FBI announced it was seeking public help to identify more.

Charley Ramsey is a former Kitchener Police Commissioner who blames President Donald Trump for the mayhem at the Capitol.

“This is about as close to any coup attempt the country has ever attempted,” said Ramsey.

Claire Finkelstein, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania, believes Trump may have committed a crime.

“The question is whether the president deliberately tried to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power and tried to launch an attack with his supporters as weapons against the US government,” said Finkelstein. “If we found out additional facts that suggest the president’s intentions, I think he might be guilty of the riot.”

A protest is being held outside Kitchener City Hall as part of other protests across the country. Protesters urge Trump to leave the White House.

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