Kitchener pizzeria makes Mickey & Friends-inspired pie for Friendsgiving

kitchener (WPVI) – Nobody brings joy and magic to any occasion like Mickey and Friends. Disney is now partnering with popular pizzerias across the country to have a fun vacation twist they call “Mickey and Friends-Giving,” and a local Kitchener hot spot is on board.

In honor of the popular Friendsgiving holiday, the Beddia Pizzeria in Fishtown is creating a specialty this Saturday only, based on one of Disney’s sensational six friends, Goofy.

“Goofy is just clumsy and yet optimistic,” says Joe Beddia. “A stupid pizza? I think of a sandwich. The idea of ​​putting a sandwich on top of a pizza just seems ridiculous to me.”

Pizzeria Beddias Goofy Pie contains creamy tomato sauce, mozzarella, mortadella and some typical sandwich spices and toppings. It’s basically a hoagie pizza.

“I’ve got a little iceberg lettuce, a little red onion, pepperoncini, and Italian dressing, and we’re going to top the pizza with it like a hoagie,” says Jerome Skaggs of Pizzeria Beddia.

They are happy to share a little joy in these uncertain times.

“It’s obviously not going to be a normal Thanksgiving day for anyone. So if you get the chance to have a special meal with the people you share a house with on this Saturday, this is a great way to celebrate instead of what you normally do.” do, “he told Skaggs.

If you’d like Pizzeria Beddias Goofy Pie, you can pre-order it for pickup or delivery on site on Saturday.

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