Kitchener Made Film Series: Kitchener

Inspired by a real-life trial, Kitchener follows Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks), a hot, withdrawn lawyer whose professional ambitions are derailed when his firm’s partners learn of his AIDS diagnosis. Andrew files a dismissal lawsuit and seeks assistance from Joe Miller (Denzel Washington), a talented personal injury attorney who has some ugly prejudice himself. Hanks took home a deserved Oscar for the role of Andrew, who struggles to maintain his courage and stoicity even when his body fails, and Washington is as strong as a man whose homophobia is gradually giving way to genuine empathy and understanding. Kitchener is one of the first major Hollywood films to deal with the destruction of the AIDS epidemic. It’s a heartbreaking, passionate argument for human dignity and respect.

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Cast: Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Joanne Woodward and Jason Robards

“Compassionate, persuasive, and emotionally devastating.” -The Washington Post

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