Kitchener International Airport One Of Roughly 30 Airports To Welcome Shipments Of Coronavirus Vaccines – CBS Kitchener

kitchener (CBS) – The highly anticipated coronavirus vaccine shipments are possibly the most watched shipments in history. The content is seen as the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel of the common day.

Eyewitness News is constantly monitoring news of the arrival of vaccines in the Kitchener area.

All eyes are on UPS as its planes crossed the country on Sunday carrying vaccination boxes in great hope of turning the tide on COVID-19. Kitchener International is one of around 30 airports where the valuable cargo is welcomed.

“This is truly a pivotal and historic moment in the fight against COVID-19,” said Florence Brown, PHL airport communications director. “PHL is just very excited to be playing a very small part in helping with these operations.”

The planes will use PHL runways and then proceed to the UPS Air Hub located adjacent to the airport in Tinicum Township, where workers will unload the vaccines for distribution.

“The FAA has actually approved what is called a priority clearance. This means that it will ensure that the planes carrying the vaccine can land as quickly as possible, regardless of what is happening in the air at the time.” Said Brown.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy appeared on ABC Sunday “This Week” to discuss the Garden State’s plan to deliver the 76,000 initial Pfizer vaccine doses allotted to him. Murphy said the first New Jersey residents to be vaccinated will be health care workers at Newark University Hospital on Tuesday morning.

The governor said the launch of the vaccine was cause for celebration but not precautionary measures.

“Despite all the good news, the light at the end of the tunnel and the vaccine show that the next few weeks are going to be hell,” Murphy said. “So we ask people, please, please, please, don’t let your guard down.”

The Sunday delivery is the first of several expected vaccine deliveries that PHL will receive this week.

Brown said the snow forecast for Wednesday through Thursday shouldn’t be a problem.

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