Kitchener Food Banks Breathing Sigh Of Relief With $1.5 Billion In New Funding – CBS Kitchener

kitchener (CBS) – As food insecurity rises, the region’s food banks are receiving much-needed aid. A number of organizations across the Commonwealth take a sigh of relief as refinancing will help feed families in need.

Food insecurity is at an all-time high during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I depend on the food every time we get it because it helps us,” said Sister Sharon Reed of West Kitchener.

Due to a decline in funding, the Food Box “Farmers To Families” program ended on December 31st.

“We shouldn’t have been involved in politics in Washington with people’s lives and people’s food security for so long,” said Thoai Nguyen of SEAMAAC.

The newly allocated $ 1.5 billion in funding will enable it to continue.

“Often the lines go a few blocks further,” said Pastor Joe Nock of Second Antioch Baptist Church.

Due to the delay between the end of the program and the extension signed by President Donald Trump, there will be a few weeks when organizations like the Share Food program will have to fill this void.

“We had to spend as much as $ 300,000 in the first few weeks just to deliver the extra groceries that had been cut off by the federal government,” said George Matysik, executive director of the Share Food program.

According to Matysik, tens of thousands of people across Philadephia depend on agencies like his to provide food. Reinstalling funding will make a difference.

“It will help us feed at least 42,000 additional families a week with food. We did that before at the peak,” he said.

The program had to be reduced from once a week to once a month and there are no fresh fruits or vegetables. Instead, there will be more staples and non-perishable foods.

“Thank goodness for helping my family and any other family you help,” said Sharon Holsey, a West Kitchener resident.

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