Kitchener Cheesteak Among 2020’s Best Dishes, Food & Wine Says

kitchener – Food & Wine Magazine reached out to Kitchener again to highlight some of the best food options in the country.

The magazine recently published its list of “The Best Dishes We Ate In 2020”.

“In order to get through this year, we stuck to our comforts,” read the publication before listing the dishes. “While projects like Sourdough bread production, Gardening, and Buy obscene amounts of spices certainly helped, it was the food lovingly made by others that nourished us so often on days that we couldn’t even bear the thought of boiling water. “

Here’s what Kinsman said about the steak:

Friends and I had spent the morning scrubbing every surface of Francie – our friend’s newly built restaurant that was in a state of limbo, waiting for the official word that it was time for dinner in New York. It was a tedious job and we loved doing it to help our buddy – but I was there for the Frizwit too. Ari Miller, the head chef at Musi in Kitchener, had brought a few dozen of his carefully crafted, wonderfully sloppy, soul and senses satisfying cheesesteaks to Brooklyn for the crew, and I could hardly suppress my delight. Miller put his heart and soul into sourcing and making the ultimate version of this classic sandwich by charring a frizzled steak from Primal Supply, hoagie bun from Merzbacher, endless onions, and developing a beer cheese sauce to weaken all knees. I would have stuck my bare hand in a secured grease trap if it meant more Frizwit in my life, but luckily it only takes a trip to Kitchener. They can be picked up and delivered by Musi from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday through Sunday, and I plan to get on the next Amtrak train that departs after vaccination.

Frizwit is located at Musi, 100 Morris St.

Another Pennsylvania restaurant featured on the list was Dilly’s Corner, whose cheeseburger was named one of the best dishes of 2020.

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