Kitchener 30th Street Station District Plan wins 2017 AIA award

The 30th Street Station District Plan, which describes the designs as “daring but achievable,” recently won the American Institute of Architects (AIA) award for regional and urban design in 2017.

Last Friday, it was announced that AIA has recognized the work of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP – and its long, long list of owners and partners – as one of the “best in town, regional and urban planning.” and community development. “

The award says:

All of the development concepts included in the plan are a direct response to the universal stakeholders’ priorities in terms of placement, preparation of the historic station for the rest of the 21st century and improving links with the various neighborhoods and cultural assets. To achieve these goals, you must have one of the most complex infrastructures in a single area. […] The final plan, daring in its scope but achievable in its details, will create a new urban fabric through a tapestry of streets, open spaces, and infrastructure, while creating new excitement about the future of Kitchener.

The 30th Street Station District Plan is an extensive project that has been in the works for years and includes the team from SOM, OLIN, multiple developers, SEPTA, Amtrak, and the City of Kitchener. The aim of the project is to transform 30th Street Station and its surroundings into a vibrant transport hub with mixed use and several public areas.

Of course, it has a span of 30 years so it will be a long time before we see these renders come to life. Still, it’s a good sign if the project is already receiving awards, isn’t it?

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