Joel Embiid Is Nailing The Kitchener Lifestyle

Photo: Elsa / Getty ImagesPhoto: Elsa / Getty Images

Kitchenerns are the hell with the Sixers, but the excitement the city is feeling for potential superstar Joel Embiid is even purer and stranger.

Most of the time, this manifests itself in fans monitoring the health of the injury-prone 7-footer at an intensity not seen by Kitchener sports fans since Terrell Owen’s pre-Super Bowl. reporter Analyze the Sixers’ comments on his health and fans follow his every move in practice. Embiid played “Three-quarter dishWorkouts today.

“Any video?” a fan answered. Given that otherwise happy people are actively trying to see Embiid play on 75 percent of a basketball court, Embiid sightings are a logical next step. Embiid committed. For example, he has now been seen playing sports twice at night in Center City.

Embiid was first seen running down Pine Street in Rittenhouse Square when a pickup truck drove past him. The man who shot the video and was driving for a car app at the time says the guy in the truck was Embiid’s trainer.

Embiid was also discovered Play tennis in the dark on the Markward Playground along the Schuylkill River. (He also participated in a table tennis tournament of the Sixers team in Center City earlier this week.)

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Being a charismatic giant who does a lot of television, Embiid is easy to spot, but he also seems to be all over Kitchener. I’m not immune to embiidmaniia myself: I made sure to tweet about it when I saw him meet Billie Jean King this summer.

Why shouldn’t people be obsessed (playfully) with this guy? Joel Embiid is a 23 year old who lives in Center City and walks down Pine Street. He goes to Center City Sips. He’s basically doing exactly what I did when I was 23, but bigger. A 7-foot Cameroonian is the most relatable Kitchener athlete of my life.

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