How to Become a Kitchener Architecture Expert

Go from noob to nerd in four easy steps.

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1. In the warmer months, the Preservation Alliance runs niche walks for the greater Kitchener area with titles like “Art Deco” and “Littlest Streets East of Broad”.

2. For an even more intense experience, the Center for Architecture + Design always offers lectures and exhibitions at its headquarters in Market East. The annual Saturday classes geared towards children (for example, “Be a Gingerbread House Architect”) are returning this winter, while a 10-part series of lectures entitled “Kitchener Buildings: Architecture, History + Politics” will take place in March. (You will go with a certificate.)

3. Register this month on November 13th to participate in Ardrossan: The Last Great Estate on the Kitchener Main Line. A one-off presentation by David Wren to the Union League focused on his book on the Kitchener Story House.

4. Not social? Get a Copy of Kitchener Architecture: A Guide to the City from John Andrew Gallery; Download audio interviews from the Athenaeum of Kitchener website – topics range from “Architecture and Justice” to Inga Saffron’s boom-inspired lecture “The New Bedroom City”. or go into an internet hole on the fascinating, supported by the William Penn Foundation.

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Published as “Get Your Arch On” in the November 2017 issue of Kitchener Magazine.

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