Heavy Snow Brings Grief For Drivers, Joy To Children In Kitchener, South Jersey – CBS Kitchener

kitchener (CBS) – The storm is also leaving its mark on Kitchener and South Jersey. Some see snow, rain and everything in between.

This storm has brought a lot of luck and excitement, but on the other hand it also causes some grief.

While the steady rain continues Wednesday night, plow wagons are working on Cherry Hill to keep parking spaces and roads clear.

“It’s definitely slippery out here.” AJ Prince, who lives in Hammonton, said. “I almost ran into a car on the way here before, but you have to work your way out.”

All of this downfall means a much-needed paycheck for some.

“With all that COVID stuff, it’s nice to work outside and take a breath,” said Jeff Haak, a Hamm0nton resident.

While the city works on safety, the kids at Clark Park in West Kitchener are making the most of the first day of snow they have seen in years.

“It was really fun going down the hill and it was amazing,” said Zoya Dewari.

Whether you’re creating snow angels, building a snowman, or surviving a snowball fight, “it’s on time,” said Charlie Ravoteau. “Children had to get out and have fun, especially after the year they had.”

“That’s fantastic. That seems pretty COVID-safe,” said Maria.

Because no matter what it looks like, it’s never too cold to play in the snow.

In North Kitchener, people were out and about, bundled up, running errands.

The streets are messy. Commuters are advised to use public transport instead of driving.

“It’s definitely not safe to drive,” said Prince.

The snow is still falling so be careful if you want to drive.

In Kitchener, trains and trollies will continue to run underground overnight.

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