Fiat Used By Pope During Kitchener Visit Going Up For Auction – CBS Kitchener

(Image credit: Chuck Young)

kitchener (CBS) – Do you remember the black Fiat Pope Francis touring the streets of Kitchener last September?

It’s coming back to town for the Kitchener Auto Show.

The Archdiocese of Kitchener says there were actually two of them.

One of the Fiat 500Ls used by Pope Francis in late September will be on display at the Kitchener Auto Show at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

The other papal fiat will be sold during an auction at the black tie kick-off on Friday January 29th.

Auxiliary Bishop John McIntyre says 50 percent of the proceeds will go to Catholic charities.

“From family service centers to adoption centers to health services, housing, hunger and homeless services,” said Auxiliary Bishop McIntyre.

The remaining amount will be divided between the Mercy Hospice, Casa Del Carmen and four special schools in the archdiocese.

Donna Farrell is the executive director of the Kitchener World Meeting of Families, which inspired the Pope’s visit.

“It is exactly what Pope Francis would have wanted us to do,” Farrell said.

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