Doctor Warns ‘Look No Further Than Your Local Hospital’ To See How Dire Pandemic Is – CBS Kitchener

BUCKS COUNTY, PA (CBS) – Bucks County health care officials held a virtual press conference on Friday as coronavirus cases and hospital stays increase across the county and across Pennsylvania. A doctor reminded Bucks County residents, who are violating state mandates, that the situation is dire.

“If anyone needs evidence, go to your local emergency room, go to your local hospital. There are people in the waiting rooms for longer periods of time, people being looked after in the hallway, intensive care units opening into surge areas which means additional rooms where we need to find additional providers to take care of them, ”said Dr . Gerald Wydro. “If someone doesn’t believe this is real, and that there really are people who are sick every day and are a burden on the healthcare system, look no further than your local hospital or emergency room.”

Nearly 200 patients with COVID-19 are being hospitalized in just Bucks County, according to Pennsylvania health statistics.

Pennsylvania health officials reported 9,320 additional coronavirus cases on Friday, bringing the total to 538,655 nationwide.

Across the Commonwealth, 6,209 people have been hospitalized with COVID-19. According to official information, this is the double high point of spring. Officials said most hospital patients are 65 years or older.

Since the end of September, the state has increased the trend in the 14-day average of hospital patients per day by around 5,300.

The state also announced 216 new COVID-19 deaths on Friday, bringing the nationwide total to 13,608.

In the meantime, the COVID-19 vaccine continued to be given in hospitals in the Kitchener area on Friday.

Thousands of healthcare workers in our area have now received gunfire.

At Jefferson, nursing student Jennifer Paone volunteered for vaccination.

“I want to make sure everyone stays as safe as possible,” she said.

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