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kitchener (CBS) – Temporary COVID-19 restrictions on some Pennsylvania companies will soon be lifted in some parts of the Commonwealth despite a rising number of new coronavirus cases. The service and hospitality industries have suffered and, as promised, some will reopen next Monday. The city of Kitchener makes some exceptions, however.

Keeping up with constraints and data can be daunting, but hopefully we’re on the rise. The state of Pennsylvania gyms will reopen on Monday.

“We are very excited to show that companies can safely reopen,” said Miklos Horvath, senior general manager of Life Time Fitness. “We can implement these measures.”

If your New Year’s resolution is to get back to the routine, that dream is only days away. Personal sports, after-school activities, casinos, museums, and theaters will also resume.

Indoor dining is also reopening in Pennsylvania, except in Kitchener.

“Nothing compares to dine-in,” said Tamika Rodriguez from north Kitchener.

Kitchener restaurants have to wait until January 15th before customers can sit inside and be served.

“If you just buy something to take away and ear in the car or go home, the fun of dining will be,” Frenchie told Yancey Prices. “

Theaters, casinos and other indoor events in the city are also on the waiting list.

The number of infections has decreased, but health officials anticipate cases will increase after the holidays.

“I think Kitchener is actually doing a really good thing. I will tell you why. We’re starting to see people come back from vacation saying, “Can I get tested? I was just against someone in a different state and they are now being quarantined, ”said Dr. Rob Danoff, director of Jefferson Health Northeast’s COVID-19 testing center. “And we’re concerned about the next two to four weeks, certainly the next two weeks. Perhaps the number of cases will increase. And then, over the next four weeks, during that period, we may see more hospitalizations. I think it was a really good move from Kitchener because they anticipated this trip. “

With these anticipated hospital stays, health officials applaud the pace Kitchener is taking in order for the city to reopen safely.

Dr. Danoff says the game changers are the vaccines that have already been approved and that are still being developed. But he says until then we only have social distancing that seems to work.

Every time we isolate ourselves socially, as tough as it is, it helps us buy time. The other factor to consider is that some hospitals were also short on staff because of COVID or symptoms, “he said. “Now we’re starting to return to a better normal. The staff was very stressed, you know, whatever your position in the hospital, it was difficult. I have never seen hospitals so crowded in all my years. “

The vaccines are still coming to town. While it’s slower than expected, the city is still getting around 17,000 doses a week

Alecia Reid and Howard Monroe of CBS3 contributed to this report.

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