Despite Pandemic, Some Annual Kitchener New Year’s Eve Traditions Continue, With Changes – CBS Kitchener

kitchener (CBS) – Some annual New Year’s Eve traditions in Kitchener continued this year, even if they looked a little different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Eyewitness News met some families who had had a difficult year having fun at the BlueCross BlueShield Winterfest at Penn’s Landing.

“I’m here to skate and have fun with my family,” said Mya Mallon of Kitchener.

“It’s amazing, I love it,” said Dawn Kammerer, who drove all the way from Lancaster. “It’s still Christmas, it’s fun, it’s not too cold, the rain has stopped a bit. So we are good. “

Tickets were sold out all day, even without the big fireworks shows this year.

“This is our seventh or eighth year as a couple,” said Stefan Thompson, who skated with his two-month-old wife Courtney.

The newlyweds made sure their long-term date stayed on the RiverRink on New Year’s Eve.

“We wanted to try to make sure that we keep the tradition alive, especially because of the events and the pandemic and everything,” Stefan said. “We were glad they stayed open.”

Although city officials are discouraging gatherings of any kind on this holiday in an attempt to contain the coronavirus, organizers of the Winter Festival said they had taken precautions to ensure people’s safety.

“We have people who make sure people are wearing their masks and wearing them properly over their noses,” said Dave Moore, director of parks & attractions, Delaware River Waterfront Corporation. “We have hand disinfection stations all over the site and only very limited capacities.”

For those who are safest at home, the Please Touch Museum has published a virtual countdown celebration for 2021 on its website that you can watch anytime to keep those early bedtime in mind.

If you missed Winterfest for NYE, it’s open all holiday weekend and through March 7th.

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