Demonstrators Use Flyers’ Mascot Gritty To Protest President Trump’s Kitchener Appearance – CBS Kitchener

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kitchener (CBS) – Gritty made a whirlwind debut in the past few weeks. This is true even today, when the likeness of the Flyers mascot was used by protesters outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center before President Donald Trump addressed the National Electrical Contractors Association’s Congress on Tuesday afternoon.

Several protesters assumed Gritty’s resemblance to signs and banners during their demonstrations in Center City.

Other protesters wore costumes.

Image Credit: CBS3

“There are still children separated from their parents at the border, tax cuts for the rich that will affect this economy for the next 10 to 15 years,” said Mike Hisey.

While many demonstrators came as individuals, Refuse Fascism Kitchener organized a rally and march that kept the Kitchener police busy on the road.

The rally organizers believe their resistance has made progress. Citing the presidents’ reversal over child segregation on the U.S.-Mexico border and another FBI investigation into Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh, they don’t think it’s futile to tread theirs Wearing out shoes and straining their voices.

“It won’t be an individual protest, it will be day after day, night after night,” said Sam Goldman of Refuse Fascism Kitchener.

Trump was in town to promote his new North American trade deal and the nation’s economic performance.

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