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kitchener (CBS) – There was no annual Kitchener Mummers Parade on Friday. The city canceled the New Year event because of the pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped some from dressing up and putting on their braces.

Young and old danced in the streets of South Kitchener, just as they have done on so many New Years days.

“It’s tradition just to bring him into the South Kitchener tradition,” said David Savage.

Although Mayor Jim Kenney canceled the annual parade over COVID concerns, it didn’t deter the Savage family.

“We have our masks on. We’ll be safe, ”said Savage.

However, many did not always wear theirs.

Mummers are marching down Washington Ave @CBSKitchener

– Alicia Roberts (@ARobertsCBS) January 1, 2021

The Mummers String Band Association publicly supported the city’s decision.

“We still strut,” said one man.

Signs of protests were seen when several groups unofficially gathered near the Mummers Museum.

“As long as everyone is responsible, everyone wears their mask, people try to stay as far apart as possible. Why can’t we continue what we do?” said a man.

Most of those who marched were peaceful and thanked the police along Washington Avenue.

“They support us, we support them, we love them,” said one man.

Many did not come out for politics, but for those who couldn’t.

“He’s working in Japan, he wasn’t with us in the first year. We all wear the same hoodies and badges, ”said George Piccoli.

Piccoli’s father Georgi died of COVID complications in August.

“My dad was a great guy and he loved New Years and he loved people,” he said.

Health officials are warning anyone who came out on Friday to get tested for COVID in hopes of slowing peaks for the New Year.

Earlier this week, Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley, he hope people choose not to congregate.

“We don’t recommend people gathering anywhere, especially not inside and not outside in a large crowd, because although outside is safer than inside, when you still have people close together, there are many ways to get away from one person For such a large crowd on New Years Day, that’s not a good thing, ”Farley said. “The city does not give permission for the mummies, it will not prevent the mummies from gathering, but we ask them not to gather on New Years Day, please. We don’t want to see an increase in infections from this event. “

A plane went through the South Kitchener neighborhood, around 2nd Street and Washington Avenue, asking the mummies not to show up. He called it a fake parade and an unauthorized event for the mummies.

Group plans to protest against the cancellation of the Mummers Parade in 2021

Dan Koob and Alicia Roberts of CBS3 contributed to this report.

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