Curbed Kitchener’s greatest hits – Curbed Kitchener

Dear Reader,

We write with some news: We have closed the store at Curbed Kitchener, at least for the time being.

We leave our home page with our best and imaginative stories and maps, including part of our flagship product that continues to feature news about architecture, real estate, transportation, and urban planning in Kitchener.

Want to know what’s happening outside of Kitchener? We are the local authorities in eight other American cities, the most popular regions in the country, and the most interesting international design capitals. You can also join on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. There we also organize groups for fans of modern homes and interiors from midcentury as well as for campers, vans and mobile homes.

For now, we’re leaving you with some of Curbed Kitchener’s greatest hits:

Do you have a great house in the Kitchener area to decide on the house of the day? Send us your tips.

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