CORONAVIRUS kitchener: Center City Kitchener Holiday Inn turned COVID-19 quarantine site opens

kitchener (WPVI) – The 13 floors and approximately 150 rooms of the Holiday Inn Express at 1305 Walnut Street in Center City, Kitchener are no longer serving travelers and tourists.

The hotel is now a quarantine center for those infected with COVID-19 who do not require hospitalization.

Walnut Street blocked by police cars from 13th to Juniper.

The rooms serve as accommodation for those who otherwise cannot be quarantined in their own home. The website is also available to the homeless.

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“There is now a protocol in our hospitals. The hospitals will then contact our health department and be able to bring the people here to this facility,” says Councilor Mark Squilla, the hotel is in his district.

This will be the first quarantine center for Kitchener, but probably not the last. The city’s goal is to have 750 quarantine rooms available.

Officials are now in contract negotiations with other hotels.

“The food will be delivered to the rooms from the city one at a time. They will have circulating social services and they will have toiletries in the rooms,” Squilla said.

FEMA’s Citizens Bank Park COVID-19 test center will be built further south on Friday.

“The federal government will end their participation on Friday. We could have continued this site, but we felt it would be better to use the existing assets and distribute them to the other Kitchener sites,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley.

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The change will not affect other test locations in the city. These are manned by city and hospital employees.

The city health commissioner says that of all test sites in Philadephia, the Citizens Bank Park test site showed the fewest people on Sunday.

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