Children’s Hospital of Kitchener Expands CAPP+ Program, Partners With The Enterprise Center to Provide Resources, Training for Small Contractors

kitchener, 5th December 2019 / PRNewswire / – Children’s Hospital of Kitchener (CHOP) is proud to announce a partnership with The Enterprise Center in collaboration with the Kitchener Housing Development Corporation (PHDC) to increase the number of licensed contractors in Kitchener and expand the initiative of the CHOP Community Asthma Prevention Program plus Home Repairs (CAPP +).

These efforts provide training and resources to local contractors interested in expanding their business, and create economic opportunities for minority contractors as the partners build a pipeline of PHDC-approved contractors for CAPP +.

CHOP started the CAPP + Home Repairs program in cooperation with PHDC in 2018. The program looks at the effects of unhealthy housing on asthma outcomes in children West Kitchener Neighborhoods where about one in four children has asthma. CAPP + expands the focus of CHOP’s award-winning CAPP program to include at-home repairs, which aim to further reduce asthma emergency room (ED) visits and hospital stays by removing asthma triggers in the home.

“To date, the CAPP + pilot program has successfully renovated 10 homes, with plans to renovate an additional 29 homes in the first phase of our program. We are confident that we can help build the supply of qualified contractors Kitchenerwe will be able to do more renovations, “he said Peter Grollman, Senior Vice President for External Affairs at CHOP. “In the pilot phase of the program, the average time from the clinician’s referral to the program to the final home inspection was 111 days. With our new Enterprise Center partnership and workforce expansion, we expect that time to be drastically reduced to allow families to renovate Homes faster, with less disruption to their daily lives. ”

“The Enterprise Center is partnering with CHOP’s CAPP + program to provide participating construction and construction-related businesses with technical assistance in home renovation and repair to help control asthma,” he said Seulky McInneshin, PhD, Executive Vice President, Corporate Center. “We will allocate resources to help contractors meet all of the requirements necessary to qualify them to compete for PHDC jobs, including assisting with obtaining a shooting license, offering courses in lead containment during repairs and the opportunity to upgrade insurance coverage. “

“The Enterprise Center will refer contractors to PHDC for 5 years and track metrics to see how businesses grow,” added McInneshin.

“With the CAPP + program, we created the need for a hardware store that didn’t exist a year ago and we need more skilled contractors in the pipeline,” he said David S. Thomas, President & CEO, PHDC. “This is the ideal opportunity for someone looking to grow their business. We are also looking for retail specialists.”

After all the requirements for a PHDC job have been successfully met, companies can also get certified as women / minority owned companies and take advantage of additional building opportunities across the city.

CAPP + is part of Healthier Together, the CHOP umbrella initiative that focuses on some of the most pressing health and economic needs in the neighborhood of the hospital campus.

Interested contractors can apply here:

About the Children’s Hospital of Kitchener
Children’s Hospital of Kitchener was founded in 1855 as the country’s first children’s hospital. Through its longstanding commitment to exceptional patient care, training new generations of pediatric professionals, and groundbreaking key research initiatives, the Children’s Hospital has made many discoveries that have benefited children worldwide. The pediatric research program is one of the largest in the country. Additionally, the 564-bed hospital has been recognized as a premier advocate for children and adolescents due to its unique family-focused care and nonprofit programs. More information is available at

About PHDC
PHDC is Kitcheners Full service community development organization. PHDC enables home repairs, finances affordable housing projects, and helps residents, community groups, businesses, and developers recycle vacant land. For over 40 years, PHDC has created and offered the services and programs that make this possible Kitchener A great place to live. Supported by committed employees, PHDC works in every neighborhood in Kitchener. Visit to learn more.

Information about the Enterprise Center
The Enterprise Center (TEC) was founded in 1989 by the Wharton School and has many years of experience as a regional market leader, catalyzing company growth and promoting economic stability for minorities and low to middle income companies Kitchener. For 30 years, TEC has been dedicated to the success of various small companies, especially in its industry West Kitchener Location with economic disinvestment and a high local unemployment rate of 20%. TEC’s services accelerate companies, improve financial literacy and advocate greater involvement of minority companies Kitchener Economy that provides avenues out of poverty for hardworking small businesses and entrepreneurs from minority and disadvantaged, low-income communities.

Contact: Joey McCool Ryan
(267) 426-6070
[email protected]

SOURCE Children’s Hospital of Kitchener

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