‘Cake Boss’ will make dessert for Pope’s Kitchener visit

Buddy Valastro, the “cake boss” of cable television, has always dreamed of creating a heavenly dessert for the Holy Father.

Now “Pope Fiction” is a reality.

Valastro was asked to create a cake for the Pope’s visit to Kitchener at the family festivals next Saturday.

Mark Wahlberg is hosting the “International Celebration of Family, Community and Faith,” according to the sources.

Aretha Franklin, The Fray and Andrea Bocelli join an all-star cast who will perform for Pope Francis.

Earlier this year, Valastro, a devout Catholic, spoke of his vision of a papal cake.

“It would be in the shape of his magnificent hat or the Vatican. . . This city is full of history and buildings – I wouldn’t know where to start! “He told the telegraph.

His bakery did not return any comments.

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