Bucks County Doctor Says Not To Panic After New Strain Of COVID-19 Discovered In United Kingdom – CBS Kitchener

BUCKS COUNTY, PA (CBS) – There are growing concerns about a new strain of the coronavirus detected in the UK. Health experts say it could be more contagious.

As a result, many countries in Europe interrupt travel and trade to the UK.

Here at home, a local doctor says while we should watch out for this new strain, we shouldn’t panic.

It’s the news that nobody wanted to hear. A new strain of COVID-19 discovered in the UK is causing panic across Europe.

Travelers attempted to flee London before Britain was put into strict lockdown on Sunday after this mutant strain of coronavirus. Experts say the strain is 70% more contagious than other strains, which has led to an increase in cases.

“It is with a very heavy heart that I have to tell you that we cannot continue Christmas as planned,” said Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“What we are really seeing here is that this 70% number is straight from a mathematical model,” said Dr. Jose Torradas, a Bucks County ambulance.

Dr. Torradas says don’t panic and remember viruses like COVID which change regularly.

“They keep mutating into something else, which is why we get a different flu vaccine every year,” he said. “Just because it’s more contagious doesn’t make it more deadly.”

But what about the two vaccines that are currently being used around the world? Will they work against this new and more contagious strain?

“You have to see many, many mutations that are unlikely to appear for years before they affect the vaccine to levels where it is no longer effective,” said Dr. Torradas.


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