13 Foods To Try In Kitchener Besides Cheesesteak

3. Fried pork sandwiches

Almost as popular as the cheesesteak, the fried pork sandwich is another food Kitchener claims. The city’s masterful chefs have managed to create unforgettable meals from this unsexy street meat.

Masterful, you ask? Yes, masterfully, we answer. John’s roast pork is so masterful that it has a James Beard Award medal on the wall in the South Kitchener Shack, which many locals refer to as the best in town.

Another roast pork sandwich master in the Hall of Fame is DiNic’s Roast Pork at Reading Terminal Market. DiNic’s juicy, flavorful, slow-roasted pork sandwich was named the Best Sandwich in America by the Travel Channel and has hungry customers in line long before lunch.

4. Middle Eastern food

For some of the best Middle Eastern food to have in Kitchener (or anywhere else!) Head to Suraya in the Fishtown neighborhood. This culinary oasis serves traditional cuisine with a modern twist. Vegetarians can find satisfying dishes like hummus, baba ganoush, muhammara, and fattoush. Carnivores can enjoy kebabs, seafood, and even a dry-aged rib eye steak for two. The beautiful garden area includes a terrace for hot meals and a market where you can buy items to take away. The weekend brunch is a real treat, but be sure to reserve in advance as this place is very popular and fills up quickly.

James Solomon Prize winner Michael Solomonov delights gourmets with exquisite small plates at Zahav. Vegetable salads, fried cauliflower, Moroccan carrots, cremini mushrooms, eggplants, and more are at the heart of this delicious dining experience. A mixture of taste influences from the Mediterranean to North Africa finds its way into the tempting dishes, which are served with Middle Eastern hospitality. Traditional laffa bread, creative cocktails and a modern approach to Israeli desserts complete the offer. Reserve your table early if you want to experience Solomonov’s exceptional cuisine.

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